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Congregation Kol Shofar:
Our Building and Its History

Ancient olive trees, unwavering symbols of fruitfulness and peace, grace the plaza. Twelve cantilevered girders, symbolizing the sons of Jacob and the tribes of Israel, support the canopy that provides shelter for inviting benches. 

The lobby and foyer, bathed in sunlight, bid a warm welcome to all, thanks to the seven skylights that arc above the congregation. One stands out from the others, framed as the letter "shin," the light of Shabbat. 

Yet, the building destined to become the permanent home of Kol Shofar was not originally designed as a spiritual gathering place. It was built in the 1970s - as a public middle school.  Hearts and minds came together to create a space that appropriately inspired a sense of sacredness, radically transforming the former school building into the holy gathering place it is today. 

The design incorporates elements of the seasons, scripture, ancestral heritage, and the relative newness of the congregation here in Southern Marin. Sprinkled throughout are references to the lineage of the congregation, signifiers of our values, and acknowledgment to past generations and our present home. 

Herman Coliver Locus Architecture designed the project. For a complete description of the architectural symbolism built into Kol Shofar, click HERE to read excerpts from the book: Architectural Elements and Spiritual Symbols of Congregation Kol Shofar


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