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As Jews, we are instructed to study and learn. Education is fundamental to Jewish traditions and values. At Kol Shofar we are dedicated to preserving Jewish identity and traditions through education in every stage of life.


Our goal must be to enable the pupil to participate and share in the spiritual experience of Jewish living. The Kol Shofar educational programs for youth have one goal: to instill what it means to “be Jewish.” Our educational philosophy promotes a joyful manner of Jewish living and a sense of being a part of something much bigger than oneself.  We foster a commitment to study and prayerfulness (Torah and Tefilah), with a respect for others and the world. We encourage leadership in taking responsibility for each other (Hevra and Gemilut Hasadim). Our education programs direct our attitudes and behavior toward optimism and love of life.


Kol Shofar’s Adult Education program is dedicated to the pursuit of lifelong learning and spiritual and intellectual growth. We offer a broad spectrum of classes, lectures, special events, and activities. Our teachers include Kol Shofar’s rabbis, visiting rabbis, rabbis who are among our membership, nationally known speakers, and lay experts.


The Grove Preschool at Kol Shofar views each child as a seed that we nurture with the utmost care.Through love, encouragement, and Jewish values, the Kol Shofar Preschool prepares children to confidently and creatively meet the challenges of their generation.

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